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~Design Considerations~

You’ll have plenty of choices to make when building Houston TX retaining walls, Options include:

Design. The topography of the land and the wall’s purpose will determine placement, height and length. Be cognizant of blending it into other features of your landscape, such as the patio design, pool design, pathways, garden bed edges and ponds.
Material choice. Usually stone, brick, pavers, masonry, concrete, steel or wood. When making your selection, be sure to coordinate it with your home’s exterior and any other deck design choices you have made. Also you will want to be guided by any homeowners’ association requirements. When considering color, be sure to factor in the shade of mortar.
Style. You will want to coordinate it with your home and landscape architecture, but styles include, among others, the sharp and spare contemporary lines of concrete, the hearth and home warmth of brick and the enduring strength of stone.

The most important consideration in proper design and installation of Houston TX retaining walls is that the retained material is attempting to move forward and down slope due to gravity. This creates a soil pressure behind the wall (depending on the angle of internal friction (phi) and the cohesive strength (c) of the material). This pressure is smallest at the top and increases toward the bottom and will push the wall forward or overturn it if nor properly addressed. Also any groundwater behind the wall that is not dissipated by a drainage system causes an additional horizontal hydraulic pressure on the wall.

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